2013-2014 NCCX Race Information                                      


 (online registration open until night before each race).

Attention: Information below is for all races except the the UCI-NCGP.  
(UCI NCGP times different see UCI -NC Grand Prix on left)

 Category  Start Time Duration Online Discount/Race Day Prizes/Places
 Masters CX4,5 (35+/45+/55+)  10:00 AM 30 min. $20 / $30 Medals / 3
 Single Speed 10:45 AM 30 min. $20 / $30 $45 / 3
 Women CX4 10:45 AM 30 min. $20 / $30 Medals / 3
 Juniors 15-18 10:45 AM 30 min. $10 / $10 Medals / 3
 Juniors 10-14 10:45 AM 30 min. $10 / $10 Medals / 3
 Masters Men 45+ (CX1,2,3) 11:30 AM 45 min. $20 / $30 $75 / 3
 Elite Women (Pro/CX1,2,3) 11:30 AM 45 min. $20 / $30 $300 / 7
 Masters Women 35+ (CX2,3) 11:30 AM 45 min. $20 / $30 $45/3
 Masters Men 55+ (CX1,2,3) 11:30 AM 45 min. $20 / $30 $75 / 3
 Youth Race 12:30 PM short laps Free (race day reg./sign waiver) Awards / all
 Men CX4,5 12:45 PM 30 min. $20 / $30 Medals / 3
 Elite Masters Men 35+ (CX1,2,3) 1:30 PM 45 min. $20 / $30 $160 / 5
 Masters Men 35+ (CX3) 1:30 PM 45 min. $20 / $30 $75 / 3
 Men CX3 1:30 PM 45 min. $20 / $30 $45/3
 Elite Men ( Pro/CX1,2) 2:30 PM 60 min. $25/$35 $550 / 12

Race Numbers-
There is a one time race fee of $5.00 for your number.
  This fee is paid at the first series race you participate in.  This number is to be used at all races.  Please do not lose it.  The race number will be used on  the left and right hip. Please ensure it is placed correctly and is visible.

Additional Races-
Additional races on day of event are $5.00. Pay the higher entry fee and get the discount on the lower entry.

Racers must be licensed by USA Cycling.  One-day licenses are available for $10 at registration for Men CX4 racers Women CX4, and Juniors, or you may purchase  USA Cycling annual license ($60).  All other racers must hold an annual license.  Annual licenses may be purchased on-line at www.usacycling.org or on site. Beginning December 1st you may purchase a 2013 license.

An International License (UCI license)($120) will be required to race the Elite Men's and Women's races at the North Carolina Grand Prix. International licenses may also be purchased at the USA Cycling web site. You may add onto a current license and upgrade to the International License. 

Requesting category upgrades-
To request an upgrade you must go to www.usacycling.org and complete the online application. Your request will be sent to the appropriate USCF official for review. Below is the USCF Cyclocross upgrades criteria. Table one shows how many points are needed, and table two shows how those points can be obtained. This information can be found at the USA Cycling web site as well.

CX4 to CX3 Needs 7 pts. in any 12 month period, or experience in 5 qualifying races.                                                                 CX3 to CX2 Needs 10 pts. in any 12 month period, 2 wins if the field was 11+ starters  is an automatic upgrade.
CX2 to CX1 Needs 20 pts. in any 12 month period. 2 wins if the field was 40+  is an automatic upgrade.

Points earned are based on the number of starters. 

 PLACE 5-10 starters 11-20 starters 21-50 starters 50+ starters
 1 3 4 5 7
 2 2 3 4 5
 3 1 2 3 4
 4  1 2 3
 5   1 2
 6    1

Helmets - Approved helmets are required when riding/racing on the bike.

About NCCX series-

Over the past 17 years the sport of cyclocross in North Carolina has grown. North Carolina is now recognized as one of the nation's hotbeds for cyclocross. The NC cyclo-cross season begins in the middle of October and runs through the end of January. The North Carolina Cyclcross Series is the premier series in the state. The season has two parts to it, the regular NCCX Series has nine races, and the Winter Cup which has 5 races all held at different venues across the state. The North Carolina Cyclocross State Championships are also part of the series. The series ends the week before the USCF Cyclo-cross Nationals which are held the third weekend in December. The Winter Cup was created five years ago to shorten the NCCX Series and also provide the regulars who are addicted to cross an opportunity to keep racing (the WC has also give those members of the US National Cyclocross Team a venue to prepare for Worlds). In 2005, the North Carolina Cyclocross made a big step towards hosting "big time" racing as it held the North Carolina Grand Prix, the first UCI sanctioned cyclo-cross races south of the Nation's capitol. The races were very well recieved and will be taking place, again in 2012 at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, NC.

A full break down of previous winners can be found in the Series History section of the web site. A brief discription of cyclo-cross can be seen in the About Cyclo-Cross section.

Founder/Organizer/Promoter -Tim Hopkin

e-mail timothyhopkin@yahoo.com - phone 828 - 674-9782


Cyclo-Cross is an exciting form of bicycle racing held during fall/winter months. Sometimes know as the "steeplechase" of bicycle racing, cyclo-cross combines elements of road racing, criterium racing and mountain bike racing into a sport raced on avariety of surfaces. Cyclo-Cross is a timed event held over a course 2.5km-3.5km in length with multiple laps raced by the riders. Courses take racers over a combination of terrain such as asphalt road, grass, dirt paths, mud, gravel and sand. Cyclo-cross rcaing is about transitions from one type of surface to another, from one section to another, from one speed to another. Races are held in all sorts of weather conditions and are rarely cancelled. Cyclo-cross bikes look like road bikes but have cantilever style brakes and knobby tires. During some parts of the course there are areas that may require a rider to dismount and carry or run with the bicycle. Modern cyclo-cross courses can have one set of artificial barriers (usually boards 40cm high set 4 meter apart). Steep hills, mud and sand also force ridres to dismount.

The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series started in 1997.  The series came about as a result of the Diamond Brand Series, a local 4 race series held in Hendersonville, NC during 1995-1997.  The series at the time featured two cyclo-cross races and two mountain bike races and was sponsored by the Diamond Brand Camping Center. 

In 1997-1998 the first NC series featured 14 races spaning from the beginning of November 1997 through the end of February 1998.  Races were held in Cary, Greensboro, Southern Pines, Boone, Asheville, Bryson City, Hendersonville, and Andrews. The Liberty Bicycles/NC Cyclo-Cross State Championships were held on February 22, 1998.  These were probably the first USCF State Championships held in NC.  The winners were Men's A - Chris Brown (Asheville/Cane Creek), Men's B - Breck Cartwright (Asheville/ABRC), Master's 35+ - Joe Cline (Chisholm/Chapel Hill), Women - Willow Koerber (Hosre Shoe/Cane Creek), Men's C - Chris Ernst (Cherokee/GT Trail Head)

1997-1998 Series Results  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJeremy WaldropJoe ClineDirk Brown
WomenJoy DempseyKelly HopkinRae Gaa
Men's BBreck CartwrightShaw BrownPat Lundergran
Master's 35+Martin VisserBill PressleySteve Baker
Men's CJohn SlivkaEugene SchulerDan Skidmore

In 1998-1999 and for the next three seasons SUBARU was the title sponsor of the series.  During the four years SUBARU was involved the series grew from 13 races in 1998-99 to 18 races in 2001-2002.  Races continued to be held across the state in venues from the coast to the mountains.

1998-1999 Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJody DumondJohn LieswynJames Novak
WomenJulie TaylorJennifer ArmstrongKirsten Anderson
Men's BJason MorganNathan WyattMark Rogerson
Master's 35+Martin VisserDean LyonsBill Pressley
Master's 45+Ed GreeneSteve MillerSteven Baker
Men's CJoshua KlaarenEric MoyeLance Parbst

1999-2000 Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AMichael MouleMichael VentolaBasil Moutsopoulos
WomenJennifer MaxwellMonica GibsonHope Ann Snyder
Men's BJamie HyattPaul JamisonPat Lundergan
Master's 35+Martin VisserPerry LeeTim Davis
Master's 45+Albert MillsEd GreeneLarry Norris
Men's CGreg BeckerChad GibsonMichael Purser
JuniorsChris StaplesThomas Kelly---

2000-2001 Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AMichael MouleCharles StormJason Morgan
WomenLauren TrullJennifer MaxwellHope Ann Snyder
Men's BKevin SandersBarrett BlackJoshua Klaaren
Master's 35+Randy ShieldsSteve HallPerry Lee
Master's 45+Albert MillsKerry ShieldsEd Greene
Men's CChris MartinJohn DegeleBryan Thomas
Women's BCammie CramptonSuzanne HosmanMonica Koerschner
JuniorsJared ReedStephen Ernst---

2001-2002 Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AAndy ApplegatePeter HymasMichael Moule
WomenJennifer MaxwellLauren TrullAdrienne Brown
Men's BThomas RajalaDaniel DoubColin Barry
Master's 35+Michael VentolaMichael StigersMichael Satterfield
Master's 45+Albert MillsSteve BakerGary Trull
Men's CFrank FaillaDaniel IngramTaylor Jones
Women's BAnne BolyeaLuz Ma YurikCara McCauley
JuniorsPatrick SessomsDaniel DinkinsAdam DeWitt

In 2002-2003 Wood Automotive of Transylvania County stepped in as the series sponsor.  After the mammoth 18 race season in 2001-2002 a decision was made to create two series.  The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series was held during October, November and December of 2001 and ended the weekend before Cyclo-Cross Nationals.  Then during January of 2002 the Winter Cup was held.  This second series featured 5 races over three weekends.  During the first year of the Winter Cup four members of the US National Cyclo-Cross team came to train.  Adam Craig, Josh Anthony, Jesse Anthony and Ryan Trebon all participated in the Winter Cup before heading to Monopoli, Italy.

2002 NC Series Results  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's ACharlie StormAndy ApplegateRyan Trebon
WomenCara McCauleyLauren TrullAdrienne Brown
Men's BTaylor JonesShaw BrownBo Glenn
Master's 35+Marcus JonesRob MoranJohn Baxter
Master's 45+Randy SheildsArthur ReavesAlbert Mills
Men's CChris WadeJay WalshDavid Matyjasik
Women's BPatricia DurrellJanet TrubeyShannon Goff
JuniorsSam FolgoutDaniel Dinkins---

2003 Winter Cup Results  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AAdam CraigRyan TrebonJesse Anthony
Women's AMaureen ChambersAlisha Little---
Men's BMatt SkeenTyler CrabtreeErik Stalte
Master's 35+Lonnie BrooksMichael ScholtzTim Hopkin
Master's 45+Dale BryantKenneth JohnsonJeep Barrett
Men's CHoward ParsonsRoss DouglasGeorge Santucci
Women's BRobin Stalte------

In 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 the North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series and Winter Cup continued without a title sponsor.  Financial Assistance from the Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, Sandhills Cycling Club and attorney Tom Ramer ensured that the same high standards set in previous years were continued.  During the 2004-2005 season a record 1290 participants raced in the cyclo-cross events.

2003 NC Series Results  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's ACharlie StormDaniel DoubCharles Pendry
WomenCandice BlickemDaniel StaskalMandy Lozano
Men's BKenneth BorgesonDavid GoodwinRyan McCall
Master's 35+Derek PowersJimmy BrunerTim Hopkin
Master's 45+Arthur ReavesKerry ShieldsAndrew Ammon
Men's CDave StandridgeChris RammAbram Woodward
Women's BSarah WorthingtonSarah AlholmCathy Beck
JuniorsKenny Blackburn------

2004 Winter Cup Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AMichael ScholtzJon HamblenColin Barry
WomenDiedre WinfieldLauren TrullSarah Alholm
Men's BJames BadiaLloyd JonesDouglas Pearson
Master's 35+Michael VentolaMarcus JonesTim Hopkin
Master's 45+David HallDale BryantJeep Barrett
Men's CJohn MckennaChris YoungDwight Wyatt
Women's BCathy BeckJanet Trubey---
JuniorsJared Cakebread------

2004 NC Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJohn DegeleDerek PowersColin Barry
WomenDaniel StaskalMandy LozanoLauren Trull
Men's BLloyd JonesJosh StevensDale Zukert
Master's 35+Edward DickensonMarcus JonesJimmy Bruner
Master's 45+Randy ShieldsKerry ShieldsKen Johnson
Men's CChris GreenDwight WyattChris Young
Women's BJanet TrubeyHope Ann SnyderStephanie Swinerton
JuniorsCody HawkinsEmily ShieldsKatherine Shields

2005 Winter Cup Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJon HamblenJason MorganMichael Scholtz
WomenLauren TrullAmber KriegerAlicia Genest
Men's BNathan WyattBrian SmithRandy Murray
Master's 35+Michael VentolaTim HopkinLonnie Brooks
Master's 45+Todd ThorntonDwight WyattDale Bryant
Men's CMark ScholtzAlex HawkinsJan Kriska
Women's BAngelina StevensKatie SmithAmanda Mabry
JuniorMatus KriskaCody HawkinsChase Pilcher

2005 NC Series Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJon HamblenBrent Bookwalter (U23)Mark Hekman
Women's AMandy LozanoLauren TrullCara McCauley
Men's BAndy MitcheltreeTyler CrabtreeBrian Smith
Master's 35 +Edward Dickerson (40+)Micheal Ventola (40+)Tim Hopkin
Master's 45 +Randy ShieldsJohn BaxterKen Johnson (50+)
Men's CJay WalshJonathon KempGeoff Pendry
Women's BKatie SmithAmanda MabryPatricia Deerwester

2006 Winter Cup Results 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men's AJon HamblenJohn DegeleJason Morgan
Women's AAlicia HamblenJanet TrubeyAngelina Stevens
Men's BMark ScholtzDale ZuckertJan Kriska
Master's 35+Edward DickersonRandy ShieldsTim Hopkin
Master's 45+Dwight WyattLonnie BrooksTodd Thornton
Men's CNicolai TvermoesPatrick SessomsDustin Shinhotser
Women's BSusan HelmHadley TrotterCid Guy
JuniorsChase PilcherIan NaborsJack Thornton

2006 NC Series Results1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2 (Men A's)Jon HamblenAndy ApplegateTravis Livermon
Women's Pro/CX 1,2,3 (Women's A)Cara McCauleyAngelina StevensLauren Trull
CX 3 (Men's B)Michael RigbyMadison SiegristJonah Gollub
Master's 35+Edward DickensonJeff WelchTim Hopkin
Master's 45+Randy ShieldsJohn BaxterDwight Wyatt
Master's 55+Kerry ShieldsLo LivermonHoward Hesterberg
CX 4 (Men's C)Craig HenlyDylan HewittPat Rimron
Women's CX 4 (Women's B)Deb  WhitmoreShelli WelchLynn Pitson
JuniorsChase PilcherEmily ShieldsIan Nabors

2007 Winter Cup Results1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2
Jon HamblenJacob FettyJason Morgan
Women's Pro CX 1, 2, 3
Alicia HamblenDeb WhitmoreAnnie Lux
CX 3
Scott FrederickGeoff PendryNoah Niwinski
Masters 35+
Jason MorganMichael SholtzTim Hopkin
Masters 45+
Randy ShieldsDwight WyattTodd Thornton
Masters 55+
Kerry ShieldsHoward Hesterberg--
CX 4
Keith GerardenSean WehrMatus Kriska
Women CX 4
Heidi ScronceLynn PitsonMegan Carmody
Juniors 15-18
Bryce PilcherCourtney Issacs--
Juniors 10-14
Chase DickensJack Thornton--

2007 NC Series Results
1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2
Charlie PendryAndy ApplegateCharlie Storm
Women's Pro/CX 1, 2, 3
Cara McCauleyAngelina StevensHadley Trotter
CX 3
Scott FrederickKeith GerardenJohn Cox
Masters 35+
Jared RoyJason MorganJeff Welch
Masters 45+
Randy ShieldsJohn BaxterDaryl Rains
Masters 55+
Kerry ShieldsHoward HesterbergDavid Fuller
CX 4
Chris BehrmannJesse PipesDavid House
Women CX 4
Evie Broswell - VittChristy BlakleyJulia Tellman
Juniors 15-18
Dominic MartinezJacob ArnoldChris Holmes
Juniors 10-14
Daniel BrewSimon MarlandEthan Dellamaestra

2008 Winter Cup Results
1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/CX 1, 2
Jon HamblenScott FrederickJohn Degele
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3
Julia TellmanLynn PItsonKathleen Gleason
CX 3
William PetersonAustin SimmonsTimothy CIarkowski
Masters 35+
Jason Morgan
Jared Roy
Tim Hopkin
Masters 45+
Randy ShieldsDaryl RainsRobert Pugh
Masters 55+
Kerry ShieldsChuck GillisHoward Hesterberg
CX 4
Fred MitchellCarter DillionChris Rouisse
Women CX 4
Emily ShieldsAllison ManningKatherine Shields
Juniors 15-18
Dominic MartinezChris HolmesAustin Wood
Juniors 10-14
Daniel BrewChris HolmesAustin Wood
2008 NC Series Results1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/ CX 1, 2Will BlackTravis LivermonAndy Applegate
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3Cara ApplegateMelanie BlackElizabeth Frye
CX 3Andrew ShetierScott McAllisterChris Rouisse
Masters 35+Eric MarlandJason MorganMichael Scholtz
Masters 45+Randy ShieldsJeffrey WelchDaryl Rains
Masters 55+Kerry ShieldsChuck GillisAlison Manning
CX 4Jack BrownRobb PetersonDavid Tallon
Women CX 4Robin BaxterRip NicholsonJulie Paisant
Juniors 15-18Jeremiah DyerJustin EvansChris Holmes
Juniors 10-14Daniel BrewMulloy ManningBryon Rice
2009 Winter Cup Series1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Pro/ CX 1, 2Jon HamblenRobert MarionJay Cox
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3Deb WhitmoreKatherine ShieldsAnina Aaron
CX 3Shawn KaneTommy RodgersDerrick O'Shields
Masters 35+Jason MorganCharles Von IsenburgTodd Davis
Masters 45+ChipDuckettRandy ShieldsDaryl Rains
Masters 55+Chuck GillisKerry ShieldsDavid Fuller
CX 4Brent LesterJay SmithMark Overby
Women CX 4Rip NicholsonJulie PaisantDina Pessimenti
Juniors 15-18Justin EvansLaura Wright---
Juniors 10-14Bryon RiceMulloy ManningJack Thorton