2012-2013 Series Rules

1. The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series will consist of 15 races. The UCI- NCGP Elite Men and Elite Women races will NOT be a part of the series. 

2. Riders must compete in 6 NC Cyclo-Cross Series races to be eligible for the overall awards. In the event of a tie the rider placing highest in the Series Final final will be deemed the winner. If a tie still exists the winner will be determined according to USCF rules. Series Points

3. Race Categories/Length

Elite Men (Pro/CX1,2)60 min. race
Elite Women (Pro/CX1,2,3)45 min. race
Elite Masters 35+ (CX1,2,3)45 min. race
Masters 45+ (CX1,2,3)45 min. race
Masters 55+ (CX1,2,3)45 min. race
CX345 min. race
CX430 min. race
Masters CX4 (35+/45+/55+)30 min. race
Women CX 430 min. race
Juniors (18-15) / (14-10) 30 min. race
Single Speed30 min. race

The series will adhere to the category assigned on your USA Cycling license. Please see their site for details on how the categories are assigned and how to upgrade: www.usacycling.org or check Rider Information

4. Racers may ride any type of bicycle that complies with USCF rules. (cyclo-cross, mountain bike, road bike, etc.)
NO Bar-Ends are allowed on mountain bikes -remove them before you race.


$35.00 for Men's Pro/CX 1, 2;    $30.00 for all other races; and    $10 for all juniors (youth free - under 10 years of age).
NCGP races fees will be higher. $10 DISCOUNT FEE for registration day of race registration (does not apply to Jrs.).
Race number: $5.00 one time fee for the race number the first time you participate, the same number will be used at all races. 2 race numbers will be issued both numbers must be used, one on each hip. 
Additional races: If a racer is eligible to race in more than one race and wishes to do so, the entry for the second race is $5. The entry for the first race is the amount of the more expensive race if applicable. There is a one time $5 race number fee. Race #'s are specific to race categories. 

6. Race Start times: Race Information   UCI - NCGP races 

7. Race prizes: see Race Flyers 

8. The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series and NCGP organizer Tim Hopkin, reserves the right to change, add and/or ammend these rules.